Bands Association Of Delhi

Bands Association of Delhi started off as an open portal for musicians to connect with other musicians and foster a synergetic fraternity of musicians in Delhi.

After rigorous rebranding, BAD now stands as a multi-faceted company which not only serves as the aforesaid but has also branched out into supplementary avenues – Artist management, Music management, Live shows production –you name it, we are it!



Being musicians ourselves, we understand that the market is tough out there for Independent artists and quality original content often goes unheard.
Creating and Developing a clean and Authentic Live Performance Environment for Musicians, Clients and Genuine Music Listeners and Attendees is our primary are of focus. We wish to foster:

1. A 100% Transparent Event Dealing setup where the Performing Artist Receives complete full payment in bank account within 24 hours from the Date of Performance.

2. A mechanism where the artist is only booked and confirmed with 50% Advance payment.

3. Provision of Proper Exact Gear and Backline Equipments as mentioned and requested by the Performing Artist.

4. Provision of Travel, Accommodation Food & Beverages.

5. Security and Overall Assistance.

With respect to our Artist Management wing, we are incessantly working on:
1. Profile Development of Artist via Exclusive Contract
2. Profile Pitching
3. Profile Management
4. Legal Support & Backup
5. Production Module, Support, Copyrights & Releases
6. Promotions
7. Financial Backup & Support System
8. Housing Facility
9. Tour Management
10. Endorsement, Advertisements and Commercial Activities

For those who require Music Learning & Training and are being managed by us, we are working on Tie ups and collaboration with every genuine and potential Institute, School, Academy in India and Abroad to provide Scholarships, Concessions to deserving Authentic upcoming Musicians and Artists.
We have a solid collaboration with all Genuine, Authentic Recording Studios, Providing them with regular Business via members of BAD and other. Imparting Streamlined Quality productions via BAD Affiliated Studios including Offers, Discounts and various opportunities.
Besides Audio, we have our own Video Production Units, zeroing in on Quality, Experienced and Skilled Based Video Production Professionals and Units in order to provide them with Music Video Deals of BAD Artists and Artists to receive Assured genuine Video Production Output at reasonable charges.
We have a team of dedicated Independent Professional Crew Line up and Work opportunities for:
1. Audio Engineers
2. Cinematographers
3. Photographers
4. Art Work Developers
5. VFX Developers
6. Live Event Visual Artists
7. Live Event Stage Crew
8. Website Developers
9. Artist Relation Managers
10. Editors
11. Concept Developers
12. Event Manager

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