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Audio Engineering Music Production Setting up Own Studio Working in a Studio Becoming an Independent Professional   This workshop is being organised to identify and help out deserving candidates in the above mentioned categories, If you are interested you can...

Battle of Bands

Battle of Bands

It's time for you audiophiles and metalheads to test your mettle and belt out your best tunes as the search for the ultimate band goes live this Quo Vadis! Quo Vadis, IIFT Delhi along with Bands Association of Delhi presents 'Battle of Bands' 2020, the event that pits...

Approach, Attitude & Application

What applies to some, may not apply for you, Results via Execution may vary. Feel free to go through these set of pointers to derive better Results for yourself. If you are a Performer. If you are not earning much through your performance and you feel discriminated...

WHO or WHAT Determines your POTENTIAL ?

Somewhere in Life this question will surely haunt you, AM I GOOD ENOUGH? CAN I DO IT? AM I WORTH IT? And often seeking answers to these questions you plunge into the extraordinary cycle of effort, tasks, plans and ambitions which either leads to your success or...

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Bands Association Of Delhi (B.A.D) is an association formed in the early 2010, with an aim and objective to provide a centralised platform for promotional and new recent News related activities to all the Delhi and NCR based bands